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  NEW and EXCITING Color Make Use of Those Seldom or "Never" Used Pastels!   This tutorial should be a lot of fun and educational. We're going to experiment with color. So get ready to take out some pastels that you don't use very often.  I've decided to focus on using creative colors,and grabbing some of those colors you don't usually use. Have you ever noticed how, as artists, we become somewhat conditioned to the colors we choose? In this lesson, I mostly focus on using colours from the Sennelier "Paris Collection" set. The reference image is from Unsplash, and the photographer is Andreas Fickle. It's an excellent resource for copyright-free reference images. Use color to your advantage. After blocking in a few simple colors to suggest the sky and two mountain shapes, I begin to block in the trees. I use a lovely dark forest green from the Sennelier Paris Collection set.     When Painting evergreen trees  I frequently make zigza

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